Jan 12, 2009

It is when we are under intense competition that we open ourselves to understanding the true nature of life. We then accept how complicated, enriching and precious life really is. Perhaps life can be described as the sum of many evolving emotions. These emotions become our memories, and this makes life very enriching, even priceless. They define who we are. We are obviously a product of our experiences and emotions, which then play a major role in shaping our identity and personality.

We might theorize that our personalities are formed and shaped by our childhood bonds, or in some cases, the lack of them. All children desire a loving and an affectionate relationship with their parents. When the parent is, however, unwilling or incapable of establishing a loving bond with the child, this leaves a huge vacuum in the child's psyche. The absence of this love not only brings confusion and insecurity, but it leaves an "emotional wound", a scar in the psyche. The unfortunate victims of this emotional wound carry this burden with them for the rest of their life. Some go on to spend their entire adult lives attempting to fill the vacuum created by unrequited parental love. It really is a vacuum. The emotional wound then becomes their obsession as well as their nemesis.  More

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